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How To Say 

You will learn how to say something in certain situations to make your message more accurate. 

For example:

  •  How to make a decision

  • How to make a point

  • How to cancel a plan



You will learn grammar and put it into practice to make your message clear and understandable.

For example:

  • Learn third conditionals and use them to talk about regrets

  • Learn ‘too’ and ‘enough’ and use them to complain

  • Learn modal verbs 'must' and 'can't' and use them to make a guess


Another way to say

You will learn synonyms of a word/ an expression to make your speech more varied and colorful.

For example:

  • Another way to say ‘I dont know’

  • Another way to say ‘very’ and ‘a lot’

  • Another way to say ‘I think’



You will discuss different topics to enhance your vocabularies and knowledge.

For example:

  • Talk about Uniqlo’s successful story

  • Talk about old memories

  • Talk about strengths and weaknesses using idioms

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