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It is not only about when we will achieve the desired fluency, it is also about who we become along the way.

Hi there! I'm Austin.

I’m an English teacher and I speak English as a second language. I studied English literature and used to work as a radio broadcaster in Bandung. Trust me, when I was in college, I couldn’t survive a conversation in English more than 30 minutes. Luckily, whenever I interviewed international musicians, most of the time it lasted less than that.

I’m like most of you, I’ve been living nearly my entire life in Indonesia and did not use English on day-to-day basis. Things changed when I started my teaching career in an English course in Bandung where I worked with native English speakers. First time in my life, I used English 24/7 including with my Indonesian fellow teachers. Realizing that my English was skyrocketing, I continued “English-ing” my lifestyle when working in a pulp and paper company in Riau. I hosted national and international company stakeholders who came and visited the site. I learned that to have a successful conversation, not only do I need language skills, but I also need to be knowledgeable and… this is what was overlooked in my previous language learning; bringing out my true personality to speak English like myself.


In Austin’s Convo Class, established in 2020, my team and I have helped many adult students with different professional backgrounds improve their English fluency by identifying the root cause of their fear of speaking, teaching grammar communicatively, developing their communication skills, expanding their knowledge, involving emotional aspects and fostering a growth mindset. These are the essentials for starting a lifestyle in English and finding their true personality in English. To tell the truth, language learning is a lifelong process – in both our first and second languages. On that note, in Austin’s Convo Class, it is not only about when we will achieve the desired fluency, it is also about who we become along the way.

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